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Creating an estate plan is a great way to ensure your final wishes are fulfilled and that your assets are passed down to those you wish to receive them. While some estate plans are simple and can be completed in a timely manner, others take a significant amount of time, patience, and consideration as you want to be certain the wishes you have are clearly stated in your will. But, because your will and all other documents that are included in your plan are legal, they must meet state laws and guidelines in order for them to be upheld.

Because it is extremely important for each person to take the time to create an estate plan, we want you to feel confident with the decisions you make and have peace of mind knowing that your will isn’t going to be contested when taken in front of a court. Having an experienced trust and estate lawyer is vital and they can guide you along the way and provide you with the numerous options you have in how you want to develop your plan.

The trust and estate lawyers featured on our site have an extensive background in estate planning and will take the time to learn your family dynamic. Because estate planning lawyers are helping you make such drastic decisions such as assigning someone as an executor or providing another with power of attorney, you need a professional who is going to take the time to get to know you and understand the wishes you have.

Should you elect to hire a lawyer through us, there is no doubt you will be paired up with a professional who possesses these qualities and many others.

How Can Our Estate Planning Attorneys Help You?

The recommended estate planning lawyers found on our site all have years’ worth of experience in the field and are more than aware as to what your estate plan is going to require. A will and trust lawyer can help in many areas including:

  • Inform you on how you can avoid having your assets taxed or how you can qualify for estate savings.
  • Help you decide who you want to appoint as a guardian for minor children or those with disabilities.
  • Assist with setting up trust accounts.
  • Decide how someone will receive their assets. For instance, you can outright hand it down to them, they could receive it in increments, you can elect to have it given to their guardian until they reach of age if it is a minor, or provide it to them in the form of a trust.
  • Help you name an executor of your estate
  • Delay the distribution of wealth to certain heirs until they reach a certain age.
  • Assist you as you decide who will run your business or how it will carry on.

Because the state planning process can become quite complex and even a little confusing, it is crucial to have a local estate planning law firm working behind you each and every step of the way.

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