Let a Reputable Estate Planning Law Firm in Connecticut Help You


Whether you are considering creating a living will or one for when you pass away, it is important to understand that if you want it to be valid and applicable when you die, you need a legal expert to have a look and ensure you have completed all the necessary requirements for your will to be legitimate.

While the average person can draft their own will in the comfort of their own home, the issue that arises is that not always is it done so properly. Do you really want to risk your loved ones not receiving your assets according to your terms? After all, you are the one who worked so hard to acquire them right? Hiring a will and trust attorney simply reassures that everything that goes into your will will be carried out in the manner you expect. 

Some of the different aspects that an estate planning lawyer can help with as you piece together your estate plan includes:


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We also offer you helpful guidance as our agents will work to get you paired up with someone who is familiar with drafting a will or how you can go about devising a plan that won’t allow others to take advantage of your assets when you are gone.  


One of the biggest concerns we have when we think about the times when we will no longer be here is: Where will all of this go? Whether you have one home or five, three bank accounts or two, or a minimal amount of money invested into a stock, the purpose of having a will ensures that your things, the assets you worked so hard to acquire, are divided based on how you say you want them to be disbursed. While you won’t be here to voice your concerns, your will will act as this and you need to be certain it is done correctly.