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When it comes to our assets, there are two ways they can be distributed when we pass away. You can have a written will drawn up stating who and how your assets are scheduled to be disbursed, or you in the event you do die without a will, you would be considered “intestate.” “Intestate” simply means the state statutes will be used to decide who gets your personal property along with anything else that belonged to you. But, like many, we like to have a say in who gets what and the manner in how it will be done, but without a will to acknowledge this, you give up your rights in the decision making process once you pass away.

There are several other reasons why having a will written up is important. Whether you are looking to appoint someone as power of attorney in the event a life-threatening circumstance arises and you are unable to manage your estate, or you want your children to receive their inheritances through a trust, having this all outlined in a will is absolutely necessary.

So, if you have been considering what you want included in your will but aren’t quite sure where to begin, we want you to know that there are professionals out there that can in fact help. Estate planning attorneys are by far the most experienced and qualified individuals to assist with drafting a will as they familiarize themselves with the laws and statutes on a continual basis. But where can you find someone who is located nearby to you and readily available to assist? Right here through


Whether you are looking for an estate planning attorney to get the job done quickly and efficiently, or need an attorney that will be sympathetic and understanding as it isn’t necessarily easy to consider what life would be like without us in it, we are certain we can place you in contact with someone who meets your criteria.

The reality is that when drafting a will, writing out the terms for an inheritance, or assigning someone as an executor of an estate, you need to be considerate and truly understand what it is you are agreeing to. Whether it is a business you are transferring into the hands of someone else or a piece of property you want to be handed down, selecting the right will and trust lawyer is crucial.


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So, if you are ready to take the necessary steps in order to write up a will and decide how you want to leave your assets behind, then it is time you speak with an agent here at We have connections with some of the best estate planning law firms in Washington D.C. and want to help you get paired up with one of them.