How soon after having children should a parent get a will in Palm Beach, Florida?

The answer is simple. It is never too early for a parent or individual without children to get a will. A will is a legal document that outlines a person’s final wishes when they pass away. For example, if a parent has property, money, jewelry, etc. put away and they want their child to inherit it when they pass, this is something they would stipulate in their will.


So, why should a parent get a will after their child is born?


While people assume that tomorrow is coming, there is no guarantee of this. Anything could happen and if a parent passes away with having a will, their assets may be distributed in a way they wouldn’t approve of. When an individual passes away without a will, it is called being intestate. This means their “state’s laws of descent and distribution will determine who receives [their] property by default.” If the parent was married at the time, then their spouse would likely inherit their assets, not their children.

While this might not sound like a bad thing, what if the individual was separated from their spouse but still legally married? What if they didn’t want their spouse to inherit certain assets that they intentionally put away for their children? This is why it is crucial for a parent to get a will drawn up after their child is born. This way, if they have any assets they want passed down to them, they can feel confident their final wishes will be carried out according to the terms outlined in their will.


How are wills drawn up in Florida?


Although an individual can write up a will on their own and without a lawyer, this isn’t the ideal way to do it. Wills need to be written in a way so that they conform to state laws. This way, the terms outlined in them are upheld when the person passes away. Therefore, the recommended way for an individual to get a will drawn up is to enlist the help of a Palm Beach, FL estate planning lawyer.

An estate planning attorney in Palm Beach knows exactly what laws need to be followed and how to write a will so that it is clear and concise. This way, a person’s final wishes are carried out according to their terms.

Because a parent doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, it is best they contact Moran & Associates to find out how they can get their will written up so that their final wishes are documented and must be followed when they pass. Parents who are looking to include their children in their will should also be aware that a will can be updated but should be done with the help of an estate planning lawyer.

Because circumstances change and people acquire and lose certain assets, it is necessary for an individual to revisit their will every now and then. If a parent is ready to get their will written up or has additional questions they’d like to discuss with an attorney, they can reach Moran & Associates at (561)-578-8639.


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