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Have you ever taken a moment to consider where your assets are going to go in the event you pass away, or who is going to care for your estate in the event you become terminally ill? Of course these are things we don’t necessarily dwell on or want to think about, but sadly, accidents do arise and you never know when it is your time to go. While you have acquired all of these assets such as your home, investments, 401K’s, etc., shouldn’t you be the one to determine who receives what and how it is going to be disbursed?

This and many other things are going to be listed in your will in the event you want to have one drawn up, however, ask yourself this: Do you know what can and cannot be included in a will and are you familiar with your state laws pertaining to writing up a will? If not, chances are you could end up making a mistake that will jeopardize the way your assets are handled when the time comes that you are no longer able to make these judgements and express how you want things done.

But, there is good news. USAttorneys.com wants to help you get through the process of writing up your will and assist in deciding how you want your loved ones to receive their inheritances, whether it be through a trust fund or a direct transfer of wealth.  And how can we do this? Simply by pairing you up with a highly regarded estate planning attorney located right here in the state of Idaho.


Need Help Deciding Who You Want Named as Your Executor?


Although a will is only one component of a well drafted estate plan, it is a vital part. In it you are going to assign who your executor is going to be, and in the event you want a living will put into effect, you also have to consider whether you want someone to have power of attorney of you and your estate. With such immense decisions that have to be made, why not have a will and estate attorney there working with you and guiding you each and every step of the way?

With USAttorneys.com working on your side, you are sure to not only be connected with a will and trust lawyer that is nearby to you to help reduce travel time, but also get your estate plan prepared and active so that when the time comes for it to be implemented, all of the wishes and desires you hold are all carried out according to the terms of your will.\

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