Is a Last Will and Testament Important in Utah?

Anyone who wants their property and assets to be transferred smoothly to their loved ones after they pass away should make sure they get proper estate planning done. Proper estate planning can only be done through the assistance of an attorney who specializes in dealing with the specific legal requirements of this process.

When a person takes the necessary precaution of hiring an estate planning attorney, they don’t just get the benefit of having their assets safely distributed to whomever they wish, but it also ensures that their estate is properly safeguarded, and all their debts and taxes are paid off. The focus of trying to resolve who is entitled to certain assets and how the property should be distributed is all taken care of during proper estate planning and a person should make sure they get this legal paperwork done so their family and friends benefit the way a person intends when they are no longer there to support them.

One of the most important parts of proper estate planning is to have a Last Will and Testament in place. A Last Will and Testament isn’t something only owners of large properties should have, but any adult that owns anything should have one in written form just in case a sudden unfortunate event arises. If a person dies without a will then their death will be considered ‘intestate; This means that a person’s property will be divided based on how the court deems fit and not based on what the person originally intended. In general, the court often gives most of the assets to the spouse, children, and closest living relatives.

A person must sign a proper legally accepted will for their desires to be taken seriously. If a person simply writes down what they want and signs it, this is not considered a legal will and will not provide the benefits a person hoped. A person can change their will and revoke it at any time and an estate planning attorney can help ensure that the changes are legally recorded.

When Should I Get in Touch with an Estate Planning Attorney in Utah?

Anyone who owns property should speak with an estate planning attorney to get their legal paperwork completed as soon as possible. If a person owns a lot of property, assets, and money then they have all the more reason to speak to a legal professional so they can get help securing their assets for themselves and their future generations.

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