Medicaid planning may be necessary as people age and their healthcare costs increase

Fort Pierce, FL – Learning about Medicaid is important for many people as they age and develop permanent health conditions. This is because it can be an important source of healthcare funding after retirement. However, individuals who are going to utilize the Medicaid program should be sure to review some basic facts about how they can best manage the financial realities of needing any kind of long term medical treatment or assistance

How does Medicaid help?

There are both federal and state rules for Medicaid. These are mainly designed to ensure that people who have low or fixed incomes can still have access to various healthcare resources and coverage. The government essentially tries to subsidize healthcare for certain groups that cannot afford it through this program.

Data related to the program’s usage has been shown to improve health outcomes for those who would not otherwise receive healthcare. One of the main reasons for improved health is due to preventive care visits that would not otherwise occur among groups that traditionally lack insurance coverage or other means of paying for medical costs. The program has also been shown to protect those with mental health issues who might not be inclined to seek out any kind of medical help or treatment. Emergency room visits and costs also go down in areas where individuals have greater access to Medicaid. Another positive benefit of the program is a decrease in total mortality rates among those who are covered.  

Getting advice from an estate planning or Medicaid attorney

Planning with a Medicaid professional may be necessary due to financial concerns. Services from nursing homes, along with other forms of medical care can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for one person who requires daily supervision, prescriptions, and other forms of regular medical care. Typical insurance plans will normally only cover a portion of these costs as well. 

In many cases, covering these costs for years or decades can only be done through estate planning such as trusts, or various kinds of investments. Without advance financial planning, a family may find themselves in a dire situation where there is simply no money left to afford required healthcare services and treatment. When necessary, assets can be transferred to other family members through a will, estate plan, or other legal instruments such as power of attorney. Especially in cases where someone’s health situation becomes dire, issuing power of attorney may be necessary so that a trusted family member can make decisions on their behalf. 

Determining if Medicaid planning is necessary

There are lawyers who assist local clients in Fort Pierce and other nearby parts of Florida with their estate planning and Medicaid needs. The Estate, Trust, and Elder Law Firm is available to provide guidance for all of these issues and more. 

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