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What if you were involved in a serious car accident that left you debilitated and unable to manage your estate any longer? Who would help make life decisions that you are no longer able to decide? Who would manage your estate to ensure bills don’t get behind and all your financial obligations are being met? Of course this isn’t something we want to worry ourselves with, but it could happen and it is important to consider our options if something like this ever occurred.

In the event you no longer could manage your estate, you always have the option of assigning someone with the role of power of attorney. This can be stipulated in your living will and allows the individual to make the best decisions possible that emulate what you would have wanted to do had you been conscious to do it. Having a living will is rather important and so is creating an entire estate plan. But where is one to begin with such a large task?

The fact is, many people aren’t too clear on what can or cannot be included in their estate plan, and their family often falls subject to having to pay for expenses they weren’t supposed to pay using their loved one’s assets as their will wasn’t clearly written nor did it conform to state laws.

So, the best thing you can do to ensure your will is complete and accurate is to hire an estate planning lawyer in Missouri to guide and advise you throughout this process.

Here at, we understand how intimidating it can be to browse through the endless options of lawyers found on the internet, let alone contact one. Therefore, we have made the task much simpler and easier to accomplish. Upon browsing through our site, you will gain access to many profiles for numerous professionals who all have a legal background in the field of estate planning.

Once you learn a little bit about who they are, you can then feel confident when contacting them and getting your free consultation set up. Not only will the recommended lawyers found on our site work with you and the given circumstances you may be facing, but they will take the time to learn your family dynamic and which sort of plan is going to be most effective and beneficial for your family.


You Want to be Certain the Transfer of Wealth is Done So Based on Your Terms


If you feel as though you are ready to get your estate plan completed, or have already done so and simply need a legal representative to read through and determine the validity of your will and other pertinent documents, then we recommend you give us a call. Our agents are readily available to assist you and help get you connected with a local trust and estate lawyer today.