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If you have recently taken the time to consider all of the assets you have acquired, and who you would want to receive what after you pass away, you may realize there is a lot more to this process than simply writing down who gets what. There are certain things that come into play such as marriage, divorce, and children, not to mention the more complex assets that must be handed down. Businesses, 401K’s, and even inheritances all make the process of writing up a will and estate plan complicated which is why many have chosen to allow a Montana estate planning attorney to assist.

While some elect to use software and other programs designed to help with crafting a will and estate plan, the fact is, having a true professional working with you who understands the importance of a will and each term not only puts your mind at ease knowing your last testament is going to be carried out, but everything in your will is legitimate.  For instance, if you own a piece of property and you want to name a child of yours as a beneficiary to receive it, this must be clearly written out in the terms of your will.

In the event your will becomes invalid, or you neglect to write one up, your assets are then probated by the courts and disbursed based on state statutes. Although many of the things you own go through the probate process, if you have a will, you at least have a say in how these things are passed down, and to whom.


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If you are ready to begin drafting your estate plan or want to have your will reviewed, we are glad to announce that we provide services free of charge where we help you get connected with a reputable and reliable will and trust lawyer in your area. Choosing the right lawyer is important as you need someone who you can confide in and express your wishes to.

A will is a pretty important document and while you may not be able to convey your thoughts to your loved ones at the moment pertaining to how you are leaving your assets behind, your Montana estate planning attorney should make you feel comfortable enough to discuss this with them.

We invite you now to take a look at some of the lawyers profiles we have featured on our site where you will find many of the answers to the questions you have. In the event you need further assistance in finding an experienced will and trust lawyer nearby, give us a call and an agent of ours will be more than happy to assist you.