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While you may be in the beginning stages of writing up your will or you have yet to take the first initial step in doing so, it is important to understand the benefits and how having a will can save your family from a great deal of confusion. Did you know that an increased percentage of individuals have chosen to not to write up a will?

Although it isn’t wise to elect intestacy, it is important to understand the repercussions of doing so. For instance, if there is no will provided that clearly outlines your last and final wishes, the courts are then required to step in and follow specific statutes stating how your wealth is going to transferred. This is generally done based on priority, therefore, whoever is next in line to receive your assets will be provided with them as you did not indicate how you wanted this process to unfold.


Don’t You Want to Have the Final Say in How Your Assets Are Disbursed?


There are many benefits, however, to writing up a will.  And once you decide who is going to get what, to ensure your terms are accurate and legal, you then want to have an estate planning lawyer in New Mexico thoroughly inspect it for any fallacies. Often times, individuals write a will and although it makes sense to them, because it is unclear to everyone else, you risk the chance of having your estate distributed based on state laws, not your own dying wishes.

Here is something else to consider. Perhaps you have acquired a few pieces of property or even a business, and you know that only certain people in your life may are equipped to handle this responsibility. With such major decisions to make, you need someone who is open-minded and unrelated to you who can look at the circumstances and help you decide whether the person you choose has the essential qualities necessary to receive and handle these assets.

A New Mexico trust and estate planning lawyer is quite familiar with the process of assigning beneficiaries and designating inheritances, and can help you make the right decision that is going to best benefit your family. This is where comes in.

Here at, we strive to make certain that you find and retain a will and trust attorney in your city who can assist you with your matter. Finding a lawyer is like searching for a guiding companion who can advise you along the way as you make life decisions that could ultimately affect your entire family. By allowing an estate planning lawyer to help you, you can feel confident in knowing that when you do pass away, everything you have worked so diligently to plan out will in fact be carried out in that manner.