Do You Need A New York Estate Planning Lawyer?


Although many of us dread even the idea of having to write up a will as we then must consider what life would be like without us, it is something you truly want to contemplate doing. Your last will and testament decides many things, and if you are unclear as to what can and cannot be written out in the terms of your will, there is a higher risk that your last testament will not be held up in court.

An estate plan is a valuable document, and a legal one at that, but if it doesn’t conform to the laws active in New York, or it isn’t clearly written out stating how you want your assets to be distributed, the state statutes then come into effect and what you had stated in the terms of your will simply diminish.

There is a way, though, that this can be avoided so that your last dying wishes are in fact used to determine how your estate is divided, and that is by hiring a will and trust attorney in your city.


What are Some Things to Consider When Piecing Together my Estate Plan?


When drafting your estate plan, there are some things that may come up in which you aren’t quite sure how to handle, or correctly incorporate them into your will. For instance, if you are in a subsequent marriage where your spouse already has a child of their own, how will your assets be passed down? Do they go to your child first? Do they transfer equally to both children if both you and your husband pass away? How will this pan out?

Complicated situations such as this may make it hard for you to get your estate plan completed, which is why it is highly suggested you consult with a New York estate planning lawyer before you try and make these sort of decisions on your own.  While your estate plan may involve some complexities, finding a lawyer shouldn’t be difficult.

Our resourceful site not only provides you with valuable information, but also access to many of the top trusts and estate lawyers located right here in the state of New York. We provide you with their profiles and backgrounds so that you can rest easy knowing the attorney you have chosen is an expert in the field of estate planning.


We Want You to Feel Confident in Your Estate Plan and the Terms Set Forth in it


Having an estate plan is vital because it ensures your children are taken care of, and even you in the event you become injured or debilitated and can no longer able to take care of your estate. Whether you have included a living will or just a last testament, you want to know that all the things you have acquired through hard work and dedication make it into the hands of those you feel deserve it the most.