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Have you ever considered who would take over your estate in the event you passed away? While many individuals assume that their spouse would be the one to step up and take over the entire estate, sometimes the unexpected occurs and neither of you would be there to handle your responsibilities. So the next question remains, who then would be assigned to take care of your children and manage your assets if applicable? These are some of the potential questions an estate planning lawyer will ask to help you plan for any event, whether you foresee is occurring or not.

The fact is, as you plan for your estate and how you want it to be distributed when you are no longer around, you must also consider whether you need a living will. What if you are diagnosed with a debilitating disease or a terminal illness? Is there someone you trust to take over your finances so that things do not begin slipping through the cracks?

While you may be under the impression that you have considered everything that your will requires, how certain are you that it will hold in court? Remember, because most assets go through the probate process, this is the time where your will is either proven valid or fallacies are identified. And because you have a specific plan on how you want your estate to be disbursed, you don’t want to risk jeopardizing it. Because it is vital to have an Oregon trust and estate lawyer to assist you along throughout this entire process, we want you to know that USAttorneys is here to help.

Finding a trust and will attorney in Oregon is simple when you elect to find one through us. We understand the important role they play and how their input could make a world of a difference. Therefore, we encourage you to begin learning about who these professionals are, their experience and years in the field, and how they have helped individuals such as yourself.

You can get in contact with these professionals in one of two ways. If there is someone you are interested in hiring, go ahead and give them a call directly. From there you will be scheduled to receive a free consultation to discuss what assets you have, the type of estate plan you want, and what you can do to ensure yours will be valid and legal. We also offer you the option of having one of our agents assist in getting you connected with an attorney as well.


Hiring a Skilled Oregon Estate Planning Attorney Benefits Both You and Your Family


You want guidance and advice, and an estate planning legal representative can provide this to you. They can lay all your options out and help inform and educate you on each choice so the one you make is the best.