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While many individuals have elected to write up their own will and believe everything in it is valid, there are certain state requirements they may have neglected to take into account that could ultimately jeopardize how their last testament is going to be carried out. You don’t want to risk your assets being placed in the wrong hands or into the hands of a family member who may not be ready to handle such a large responsibility.

Because there are so many aspects that come into play when piecing together your estate plan, having a legal hand to help is always an added benefit. But how can you choose the right person to get the job done? You don’t want to hire someone who simply agrees with everything you say and only checks to make certain your estate plan will hold up in court. Rather, you want a will and trusts lawyer who is going to coach you through this and help you decide whether the choices you have made are truly the best for you and your family.

Some of the qualities you want to look for when hiring an estate planning attorney in Rhode Island include:


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Your estate plan is your only attempt to make sure your dying wishes are in fact respected and upheld. You can reduce the risk of yours being considered invalid simply by having an estate planning lawyer in Rhode Island walk you through the process and look it over entirely for any flaws or fallacies. Give us a call today and get started on getting your estate plan completed.