Saint George, Utah, Can a Will be Changed?

All individuals who have assets and loved ones should create a legal will so the matter of distributing their wealth after death is properly taken care of. Even if a person just owns personal property such as cash and stocks, they should still create a will so those whom they love the most can still benefit from their hard work and effort even when they are no longer around to support them. When the will is created with the help of attorneys near me, individuals can rest assured that the proper legalities are in place so their statements are taken seriously and actually implemented through the help of the court system.

There are several complexities that revolve around creating a will and anyone who wants to ensure that no important step is missed should make sure they connect with an estate planning attorney without delay.

Many individuals have the question of whether or not they are allowed to change their will once it has been signed. The good news is that individuals can revoke it at any time while they are still alive. The changes will likely be made through the use of a document titled codicil. This document acts as a supplement to the will and the best way to ensure that the changes are legally relevant, is through the help of an attorney.

What is the Purpose of Probate Proceedings in Saint George, Utah?

The main reason the probate process is used is to ensure that the estate is securely passed on to the dedicated beneficiaries. However, it is also necessary to safeguard one’s estate when they are no longer able to do so and to reduce the amount of taxes as well as pay off any outstanding debts they may have.

A good estate plan also helps ensure the right beneficiaries are receiving their property. It may be tempting to try and create a will on one’s own, but the risks are significant. If a person misses out on anything important, their will may not be considered valid, and all their hard work and planning will be useless. A lawyer understands the current laws regarding creating an estate plan and they will make sure that all the documents are created and filed according to the law, so no one is taken advantage of.

When individuals spend their whole life working hard and establishing themselves, it is only fair that they get to choose who inherits their wealth and how it should be distributed. This is best done through the creation of a comprehensive estate plan.

Get in touch with an estate planning lawyer at the Law Office of Barney, Mckenna, and Olmstead PA today to get advice regarding one’s estate and to create a thorough estate plan.

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