Saint George, Utah, Can an Estate Owner Write their Will on Their Own?

When individuals first consider estate planning, one of the first matters to arise will be the creation of their will. It is possible for them to make the will on their own. However, for this to be valid, the will should be written, dated, and signed in handwriting. A will that is created in this fashion is called a holographic will and if all the criteria are met, it will be admissible in court. However, it is important to keep in mind that self-made wills are more likely to create trouble for one’s heirs in court when the time comes to retrieve assets.

The judge may require that individuals prove the will was actually written by the deceased and that it was voluntarily written without any coercion. It may also be questionable if a person owns a property. It can take a lot of work to prove that the will is legitimate, and the heirs will have to connect with attorneys to help them prove their case.

Anyone who is contemplating creating a will should get in touch with an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible so they can get proper assistance with their documents. Attorneys near me will help an individual draft their will in a way that minimizes fees and maximizes the chances of a smooth transaction.

It is always better to hire an attorney and create a proper legal will, instead of having to deal with the hassle of a self-made will.

What is a Pour-Over Will in Saint George, Utah?

Individuals have the option of creating a pour-over will. This sort of will passes on the assets and property of a person to the trust once they pass away. If a person transfers their major assets to the trust, then the will won’t have to be probated.

Once the will is created it is also possible that a person will need to change it due to changing life and family situations. If this is the case, they must speak with an attorney and sign the new will in front of witnesses before destroying the old one.

Those who wish to have their assets sorted for their loved ones should get in touch with an estate planning attorney so they can ensure all the legal aspects are looked after and their wishes are considered valid when presented in court by their heirs.

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