Saint George, Utah, How is the Validity of a Last Will Determined?

When a person first creates a Last Will they may automatically assume that this is their authentic word so it will be taken seriously by the courts. However, ensuring that one’s property is passed on to their loved ones is not that straightforward. A person should speak with an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about the legalities behind filing a legal will.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to whether a will is legally acceptable or not. The court will examine the will to see if it is valid or not before proceeding with the distribution process. If a will does not comply with the law in Utah and it does not meet the minimum requirements, then it will not be regarded or taken seriously, and the state will distribute the property based on their set rules.

The will must have been executed legally for it to hold any merit. There are some exceptional cases in which the rules are compromised, but this is rare and instead of simply hoping on luck, a person should make sure they reach out to an attorney and get the legal assistance they need when it comes to filing their claim. There are many legal options that a person has to protect their property for a time in the future when they are no longer able to handle everything on their own. In some cases, creating a living trust may be the best course of action. A lawyer can help a person decide what steps they need to take to ensure their family members do not get taken advantage of during the probate process.

Calling an Estate Planning Attorney in Saint George, Utah

The sooner a person makes the move and calls an estate planning lawyer, the safer their property and assets will be. Creating a last will and signing a few forms at home is not enough to protect one’s estate and have it distributed the way one desires. A person will need the assistance of an attorney to secure the future of their loved ones.

Anyone who owns any amount of assets should reach out to an estate planning lawyer at Barney McKenna & Olmstead, P.C. as soon as possible to get assistance with creating their will in a manner that is legally acceptable and to learn more about other estate planning options available to them based on their personal circumstances.

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