Saint George, Utah, Including Healthcare Plans While Estate Planning

Health care decisions are an important part of any estate plan. Anyone who wishes to secure their future, be taken care of, and prevent themselves from suffering an unfair fate based on the wealth they have accumulated can make sure they include health care planning in their estate plan as well. Individuals are allowed to create a durable health care designation that gives their appointed agent the power to make important health care decisions when a person is no longer able to make these determinations on their own.

A health care surrogate designation is different from a living will. A living will inform medical professionals about one’s wishes regarding hydration if they have a terminal illness or a life-threatening disease. On the other hand, a designation appoints someone else to make the decisions for a person. If a person becomes unable to move or they become incapacitated without putting a legal healthcare plan in place, an interested family member or healthcare provider may petition the court to request a guardian to act on a person’s behalf.

The guardian will be responsible for managing the financial assets of the person and they will also be responsible for a person’s care. One person can be appointed as both the guardian for health purposes and the guardian of the estate, or two separate entities may be appointed for the matters.

How is a guardian appointed in Saint George, Utah?

A guardian may be requested through a relative, state official, or any other person. They must make their request to the court and the court will decide who to select. The court will select guardian ad litem to investigate the case and interview all the options. Once the process is complete, they will make recommendations to the court on who has the best interests of the guardian. A person also has the right to be represented by an attorney during this process.

Individuals need to create an estate plan as soon as they have accumulated any assets if they wish to protect their property and have their assets managed the way they desire.  A person’s loved ones will greatly benefit by having an estate plan in order because it will make the legal process of getting access to the funds left behind much easier than if a person did not have an estate plan. If a person leaves their family without a will, then they will have to go through the lengthy and expensive probate process.

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