Saint George Utah, Restrictions on Who Can Act as an Executor When Making a Will

Everyone needs a last will and testament. Most people have the common misconception that estate planning and creating a will are just for those who are incredibly wealthy; with millions of dollars worth of assets, but this is not the case. Anyone who owns any sort of property or who has dependents that would need to be taken care of after they pass away should connect with an estate planning lawyer and have their will made. One of the integral reasons that a will is created is to name the executor or a personal representative.

In Utah, after a person passes away or they are no longer in a mental state in which they can protect their property, their executor will have the job of protecting this property until all the taxes and debts have been paid off. They will then also transfer what is left to those individuals who are entitled to it. Since this role is so important not just anyone can serve as an executor of an estate that is going through the probate process.

For a person to serve as an executor in Utah, they must be at least 21 years old, and they must be of sound mind that is not deemed as incapacitated according to court rules. The court may also reject a potential executor if they behave unsuitably during formal proceedings. In most cases, the executor will usually be cleared. However, if the court questions them a hearing will be held in front of all the interested persons such as the closest relatives of the deceased and the judge will determine who is best suited to serve as the executor.

Though there are no restrictions for any executors who do not live in the state of Utah, it is always a better idea to appoint someone who lives nearby just so matters are more convenient, and commute does not create avoidable obstacles along the way.

Get in touch with an estate planning attorney in Saint George, Utah today

For any matter regarding property and wealth distribution, it is always a much better idea to get in touch with an estate planning attorney who has the experience and who can provide vital information, so everything works out in the best interest of the family of the deceased. If a person passes away without a last will, their family members will most likely miss out on a lot of the property they should have received.

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