Saint George, Utah, What are the Steps of Creating a Reliable Estate Plan?

A reliable estate plan can save the loved ones of a deceased individual from a lot of hassle and complications. Anyone who wants to ensure their property and assets is passed on according to their will with ease should make sure they reach out to an estate planning lawyer without any delay. An estate planning lawyer will listen to their situation in detail and help them through each step of the process based on their personal needs and circumstances.

In most cases, individuals will begin their estate plan by selecting a healthcare representative. Such an agent has the main role of overseeing any medical treatment of the patient in the case they lose their ability to communicate or think for themselves while they are still alive. The appointed healthcare agent will have to make important decisions on behalf of the estate owner. The details of what the individual desires for their health will be outlined in a document called the Advance Health Care Directive of Medical POA. It is integral that this document is signed by the owner in front of an adult witness.

After taking care of one’s health needs, the next step of creating an estate plan usually involves selecting a financial representative. This individual is required to carry out financial transactions with the best interest of the estate owner at the forefront. It is important to note that though this individual has the right to make decisions related to finances, they do not have any authority over healthcare decisions. The financial powers will be outlined in a Durable Power of Attorney.

Individuals assigned to this will be able to influence aspects regarding property, stocks, banks, insurance, claims, benefits, and taxes as well as retirement plans.  Once both health and financial representatives have been assigned, individuals can move on to listing their assets and selecting beneficiaries to receive the wealth they have accumulated. Lastly, individuals will go ahead and draft their will or revocable living trust.

How Should Estate Planning Documents be Stored in Saint George, Utah?

Estate planning documents should always be kept in a safe location that is both protected, but still easily accessible so one’s oved ones can effortlessly get it when the time arises. Individuals can even choose to create copies of the documents and give it directly to their beneficiaries to keep safe. The main point is to ensure that the documents are easy to reach, yet not completely unprotected at the same time.

Anyone who is considering creating an estate plan should get in touch with an estate planning lawyer at the Law Office of Barney, Mckenna, and Olmstead, PA as soon as possible to get help with their case.

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