Saint George, Utah, What Happens to an Estate According to Probate Law?

Once a person dies their estate, wealth, and assets will be passed on to their loved ones. However, this distribution will only be in their best interest if they took the measures to create a proper estate plan beforehand. If no estate plan has been created, they are considered as having died intestate. This means that their assets will not be distributed based on their own preferences but will be distributed based on the Utah Probate Code that governs intestate succession.

According to Utah Code Ann. 75-2-102 et seq. the heirs will be a person’s spouse and children. The spouse will be given priority and if there is no living spouse then everything will be passed on to the children. If the deceased does not have any children either then their estate will pass on to their parents, or subsequently, the grandparents.

If no heir can be found, then the estate goes to the State. Naturally, this is not what the deceased would have wanted. All their hard-earned assets and property should be used for the security of their family members and those who they love the most. The best way to ensure this happens is by getting in touch with attorneys near me as soon as possible and creating a legally acceptable estate plan.

When Should an Estate Plan be Created in Saint George, Utah?

No one knows when their last day is and though it may seem morbid in the moment, it is always better to start creating an estate plan as soon as a person is able to. Of course, the plan will need to be updated at regular intervals to ensure that the wishes of the owner are properly being fulfilled, but the initial plan should be created as soon as possible.

Despite popular belief, individuals do not need a significant amount of assets and property to create an estate plan. If a person has anything they would like to pass on to specific loved ones, it is in their best interest and the best interest of the family that they create an estate plan without any delay. If they do not take action, then they are risking having their assets passed on as intestate and that will likely go against what they truly wanted.

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