Saint George, Utah What is The Best Timing for Thorough Estate Planning?

Most people carry the misconception that they do not have to worry about estate planning until they are much older. This is a common ideology, but it is significantly flawed. If a person has any property or any form of assets and they wait until old age to start estate planning, they may just be too late. There is no guarantee of tomorrow for any of us and delaying a proper estate plan is taking a serious risk. If a person does not get their planning done as soon as possible and they lose their life then their property will be divided at the discretion of the government, and they will likely not have their wishes fulfilled.

It’s never too early to start estate planning and a person should connect with an estate planning lawyer right away to help them properly manage and allocate their property and other assets.

What Does estate planning include in Saint George, Utah?

A qualified estate planning attorney can help a person with many different aspects of managing their wealth.

Some of the services they offer often include:

  • Helping a person protect their assets
  • Assisting in business planning and Legacy planning
  • Creating Wills and Trusts
  • Administering Trusts and probate
  • Decreasing Estate Taxes

Estate law can be overly complex and anyone who has property should make sure they take the required steps and start on this path as soon as possible. With proper planning done a person will have advanced plans for what should occur should a tragedy happen to them. Their family will be properly cared for and all their hard-earned wealth will be distributed the way they want.

It is important to keep in mind that a person can not simply make a will at home by writing what they want on a piece of paper and signing it. There is a legal procedure that must be followed. Good estate planning will follow a series of organized steps and if the proper protocol is not adhered to, then a person’s will becomes invalid and the matter of distributing the wealth goes to the government. Naturally, this is not in a person’s or their loved one’s best interest. Unfortunately, there are a lot of estate taxes and other expenses that are deducted when proper planning is not carried out.

Get in touch with an estate planning lawyer at the Law Office of Barney, Mckenna, and Olmstead today to start estate planning as soon as possible.

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