Top 3 Benefits and Disadvantages of Guardianship

All legal matters are complicated and guardianships are no different. If you have a child with a disability or care for a child who’s not your blood, you can pass on the responsibility to another individual, so they can make legal decisions about that child and provide care for them.

However, if you’re thinking about becoming a guardian, there are some pros and cons to discuss first. Guardianship is a complex situation as is, so you need to know how it applies to your situation. If you’re having uncertainties about taking on this position, here are the main benefits and disadvantages to consider.

3 Guardianship Benefits

Becoming a guardian comes with many advantages, which is why many people want to seek this status. The three main guardianship benefits include the following:

Improving the Child’s Life

When you become a legal guardian, you can confidently improve the child’s life by providing primary care for them, regardless of how long you’re required to do so. After all, there’s no better reward than taking care of your ward and knowing you improved their quality of life.

Legal Rights

Once you’re considered a legal guardian, there are other legal rights that come with that title, such as making financial or medical decisions on behalf of the child. Since this can be confusing to deal with, it’s advisable you seek help from a local attorney who specializes in guardianship.

Suppose you live in Fort Meyers, Florida. In that case, you can contact The Warnock Law Group – one of the most renowned and experienced guardianship lawyers in this area. These attorneys can explain your legal rights in detail, so you don’t forget any essential components.

Avoiding Unnecessary Complications

For most guardianship situations, especially those involving minor children, it’s vital to have a parent or legal guardian sign the documents that pass on the role of the guardian to you. That said, being named a guardian comes with many benefits, such as avoiding unnecessary delays when you’re making decisions on the behalf of the child.

However, if you want to establish legal guardianships, you should contact qualified guardianship attorneys who have legal experience and can provide further insight about this role.

3 Guardianship Disadvantages

For some people, becoming guardians doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why there are some disadvantages, such as:


It’s no surprise that becoming a legal guardian to a ward bears many responsibilities. Many people find this role to be draining because it obligates you to not only take care of them because you want to, but you’re also legally required to provide primary care.

Time Commitment

For non-commitment people, becoming a guardian is the last thing on their list. To top it, your time as a guardian can be uncertain and it can range from a few weeks to many years. However, you must understand that when the biological or legal parents start to take care of your ward, your time serving as a guardian ends then.

Legal Compilations

Before becoming a legal guardian, there are many legal complications that might arise. Since all legal matters tend to be complicated, you’re likely to go through a complex process of courts to seek guardianship, and that might throw off some people.

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