What are the Benefits of Estate Planning in Saint George, Utah?

Writing out a Will is important for anyone who wants their assets properly distributed to their heirs when they are no longer there to provide for them. However important a Will is, a person will often require more detailed planning through proper Estate Planning. Whether a person has many assets or just a small amount, they should get in touch with an estate planning attorney to help them plan what happens to their wealth when they pass on.

Despite popular belief, a person does not need a large amount of wealth to get estate planning done.

Estate planning can help anyone with:

  • Deciding the caretaker of their minor children
  • Deciding who will handle the money for their children
  • Deciding who receives the assets of their estate
  • Arranging a trust for their children to pay for college
  • Planning one’s future general care and medical care
  • Deciding donation amounts to charities

Since everyone’s situation is completely different, a person will have to sit down with an estate planning attorney and fill out all the relevant details so they can make a plan that is catered to their specific needs. In an estate plan, a person will create their Will, their Trusts, their Durable Powers of Attorney, and their Disposition of Remains and Burial Instructions alongside other important documents.

Get in touch with an estate planning attorney in Saint George, Utah

Anyone who has property or wealth should make sure they find a qualified attorney to help them with the estate planning attorney. If a person fails to get proper estate planning done, their wealth might end up being distributed according to how the government wants as opposed to how they want, and this often means a lot of tax will be taken from the wealth that remains.

Naturally, a person worked so hard and would want their hard-earned assets to go to their family members and to those whom they love most. To make sure this happens, a person will need the help of a legal representative to fill out all the required documents so their wealth is protected and only given to the people whom they want.

Speak to an estate planning lawyer at The Law Office of Barney Mckenna and Olmstead as soon as possible to start creating a Will, and filling out all the other legal paperwork required to protect one’s assets in the future.

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