What Can a Real Estate Attorney Do For Me In Rockville, Maryland?

Buying or selling a property can be a complex process, and a significant portion of this process involves navigating the legal system. You will almost certainly have to work with an attorney during this process. If you’ve never purchased or sold property before, you may be wondering what a real estate attorney actually does. Why are these professionals so essential to the overall process, and what kinds of services can they provide for you?

If you have questions such as these, you might want to consult with a qualified, experienced real estate attorney in Maryland. Most legal professionals are happy to explain the overall process to you, and they can also help you explore various options that you might be aware of. 

Purchase Settlements

A “settlement” is the final stage of a real estate transaction. Your attorney can help you with the process of legally transferring the property from the seller to the buyer. This is also known as “closing.”

Refinance Settlements

If you’re interested in using the equity in your home to access more funds, an attorney can certainly help you with this process. This is known as “refinancing,” and an attorney can help you get hold of these funds quickly, allowing you to invest, start a business, or deal with emergencies.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

If you’re in the process of creating a contract that involves real estate, you’ll need a legal expert who specializes in matters related to real estate. Not only can an attorney help you draft these contracts, but they can also represent you at the negotiating table.

Deed Changes

Deed changes are very important, as whoever is on the deed legally owns the property. Deed changes may be especially crucial during a divorce, as you probably don’t want your ex on the deed after the marriage has ended.

Lender Representation and Document Drafting

Lenders need attorneys as well. If your organization is in the business of granting mortgages or lending cash to homebuyers, you will need assistance from a legal professional. These attorneys can help you draft documents, review contracts, and much more.

Builder Representation

A qualified real estate attorney can also represent builders. Creating condominiums can be a complex legal process that involves zoning issues, getting permits from the city, and so on. Having a legal professional by your side is absolutely essential during this process.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Rockville area for a qualified, experienced real estate attorney, look no further than the Law Offices of Michael E. Gross. We have considerable experience in matters related to real estate, and we can help you with a wide range of real estate-related tasks. Buying and selling property can feel complicated at times, but even the most complex situations can be made easier with the help of a qualified attorney. Book your consultation today.


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