What Is a Title Dispute?

For most, buying a home is the biggest purchase they will ever make, and a process that should be filled with pride. Afterall, your home is where you will create endless memories. However, there are nightmare stories in the real estate world, and becoming a homeowner is not always a simple process. 

Real estate transactions move differently than other sales. Because of the amount of money involved, with so much at stake, these transactions often travel through several stages before their final close. Real estate transactions can be tiresome and involve complicated language. If you are overwhelmed by the process, or if a title dispute arises, a qualified real estate lawyer is a good choice for you.

What Is a Title Dispute?

A title dispute is when there is a disagreement over who owns a specific property and the amount of land that specified property covers. These are most commonly brought up in the form of a boundary dispute between neighbors. And while title disputes may be less common, as property records have become much clearer these days, they still happen nonetheless. 

Property disputes can arise when one neighbor wants to install something new on their property, while the other believes it is too close to their property line. Typically, this will involve landscaping features such as fencing and sheds. A title dispute can be extremely annoying, as it may affect your daily life at home.

Protect Your Boundaries

Always be aware of the boundary lines of your property; knowing these lines before adding an installment on your property can prevent these issues altogether. There are many resources available to property owners to find out about this information. Knowledge of your title and that of your neighbors can help deter a dispute. 

Unfortunately, this is sometimes not enough, and when, or if, a dispute does happen, there are options available to you.

One option is to ask for legal advice from a trusted professional. They can help you understand the property you own and what legal steps you may need to take to protect your rights as a landowner. They will know your title inside and out, including your rights, deed, and property, and will know how to settle your case.


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