What is the value of a health care proxy in estate planning in Fort Pierce Florida?

Florida – February 12, 2021

Estate plans are important, not only for those activities a person wishes to be initiated after their death, but also because documents may secure their care choices during periods of temporary illness, or lifelong health struggles that sometimes leave individuals void of the ability to speak for themselves, with regard to life sustaining decisions, as well as financial and business decisions.  Florida estate planning and probate attorneys are knowledgeable about estate documents and how they will affect end-of-life care and probate actions. Closing out Florida estates can be time-consuming, depending upon the nature of the assets left to distribute and events where named beneficiaries, or others will contest estate documents, including a will.  Experienced estate planning lawyers can be instrumental in the smooth processing of documents that allow for transition of responsibility during end-of-life care and probate actions.

Need for health care proxy.

In Florida, a health care proxy authorizes an individual chosen by the maker of the document, to make critical health care decisions on their behalf, when they are not able due to incapacitation.  A health care proxy may be temporary when a person has an injury, or illness they are expected to recover from in a given amount of time.  When illness does not allow a person to speak for themselves on a permanent basis, a health care proxy may be permanently in charge of decisions regarding extraordinary measures to prolong life, dangerous treatment modalities, removal of life support, and other decisions based on specific wishes and religious and other considerations previously discussed.   An estate planning attorney can discuss options before someone becomes infirmed, has an accident, or becomes incapacitated and cannot speak for themselves

Choosing a health care proxy.

When individuals set up their estate planning documents, specifically health care proxies, they should choose an individual who is nearby and can be involved in care, someone who can make difficult decisions thoughtfully and quickly with input from doctors, financial professionals, and lawyers; someone who can put emotion aside to make decisions based on previously discussed specific wishes, someone who does not succumb to pressure to agree to treatments that were not agreed upon by the incapacitated individual.  Individuals should consult with an attorney and possible choices for these duties in advance.

Seek qualified legal counsel.

An experienced estate planning attorney in Fort Pierce Florida can answer questions regarding the important of health care proxy documentation in estate planning packages.  Skilled elder law attorneys at The Estate, Trust & Elder Law Firm can answer all relevant questions regarding the three main concerns and duties required of a health care proxy in Florida


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